more than 13million tourists visited Istanbul in 2018

According to the tourism statistics report prepared by the Istanbul Provincial Directorate of Culture and Tourism, Istanbul hosted 13 million 433 thousand 101 foreign tourists in 2018.

13 million 433 thousand 101 foreign visitors came to Istanbul in 2018. The number of tourists arriving in the city in 2017 compared to 10 million 840 thousand 595 foreign visitors increased by 24 percent.

Istanbul only in December, 1 million 77 thousand 979 foreign tourists visit the same period of 2017 compared to 21.3 percent increase was recorded.

Airway arrival increased by 23.9 percent

According to statistics, 13 million 396 thousand 637 tourists came to Istanbul in 2018 by air. Compared to the 10 million 810 thousand 258 visitors in 2017, the city reached an increase of 23.9 percent in the arrival by air.

30 thousand 337 tourists came to Istanbul by sea in 2017, while this figure increased to 36 thousand 464 in 2018 and increased by 20.2 percent.

In Istanbul, the most foreign passengers stepped foot Ataturk Airport, 10 million 482 thousand 975 tourists passed. Sabiha Gokcen Airport, 2 million 913 thousand 662 foreign visitors have logged into Istanbul.

Most German tourists arrived in Istanbul

Looking at the distribution of foreign guests according to nationality in 2018, Istanbul 1 million 71 thousand 634 people with the most visitors were the Germans. The Germans created an 8 per cent slice of total foreign visitors.

Other foreign tourists who visited Istanbul, respectively, 934 thousand 860 people with the Iranians, 628 thousand 577 people with the Saudi Arabians, 618 thousand 511 people with the Russians and 609 thousand 589 people have become. The sixth of the list. 455 thousand 608 people at the time of the British, 7. 448 thousand 872 people with the French and 8. In the meantime, 370 thousand 112 people with the Americans took place.

More than 3 million tourists from Arab countries arrived

The report also included the statistics of foreign visitors from the Arab countries to Istanbul in the last three-year period.

In 2016, 1 million 976 thousand 166 in the Arab countries and 2 million 633 thousand 495 visitors came in 2017, while this figure was 3 million 408 thousand 424 in 2018. Visits to Istanbul from the Arab countries increased by 28 percent compared to 2017 years. The Arab countries created 25.4 percent of total visitors.

In addition, the report, Istanbul in 2018, the number of transit passengers who did not enter, 9 million 606 thousand 401 was recorded.