Intensive interest in Istanbul

Istanbul Tourism has made a successful start to 2019. In 2017, European tourists, slaughtered like knives, are starting to return. This year, Istanbul will spend a year with tourists coming from many countries, including Middle Eastern countries, Russia, European countries and China, to reach their goals in terms of both doluluklar and tourism income.

The Point Hotel Taksim general manager Nuri Kalyoncu, who recorded their entry by making a beautiful start in 2019, said: “We have made a good start to 2019. Both as a hotel and as a region, we entertained our Spanish and Italian guests who spent Christmas in Istanbul at the Christmas gala dinner. This year, we expect growth especially from the European market. As in the past year, this year, our hotel and our region will be approximately 80% of the year-on-average. In addition to the Middle East market, which we have been intensively in recent years, tourists from other countries, including European countries, Russia and China this year, naturally strengthen the hand of us. As the number of tourists grows in parallel to the diversification of the market, our income per room will come up. In 2019, we predict a 12% increase in room rates compared to last year, “he said.

New markets are receiving demand from China, Malaysia, Ukraine, “the exact time to visit Istanbul,” Nuri Kalyoncu, said: “On one hand, the price of falling in recent years, the Euro and the dollar, on the other hand, the opposite of the TL The advantage is that it has made Istanbul and our country a very economical destination. In this case, the wealth of history and culture, gastronomy, shopping opportunities, as well as a lot of tourists to re-route to Istanbul and the country allows. This year we will see tourists from European countries such as Greece, Germany, England, Italy, Spain in our city and region. In recent years, as new markets, we are requesting from Far Eastern countries such as China and Malaysia. In addition to the promotional and marketing efforts made, the increasing number of flight numbers has a great role in this demand. “Türob Ukrainian Workshopu” organized by the Turkish Hospitality Association (TÜROB), taking positive returns from this market, we started to host our guests. We predict that the year 2020 will be much better than this year. The number of tourists coming to our city and our country continues to increase. Also, if we catch a serious momentum in Congress tourism and cruise tourism, we can achieve success on our goals in tourism in Istanbul, “he said.

35% of our hotel reservations are coming online and working on digital channels, expressing the intense work Nuri Kalyoncu, said: “35% of our hotel bookings from online, online bookings every It means he’s going to have an increase last year. We continue to do the necessary work on this subject. For example, in the past years, the Saudi Arabian market, which has been heavily traveled by travel agency, has started making online bookings for the past few years. When people travel, instead of moving in groups, they want to be more free. They can also choose to create their own travel plans, as they reach the information they want to achieve on a destination from their mobile phone. ”

The two restaurants in our hotel, which we are claiming to provide information about the Point hotels Taksim Nuri Kalyoncu, said: “We have been working together for many years with our team to keep our guests Turkish hospitality, the heart of Istanbul Taksim It is located in the Talimhane area. Our 5-star hotel with Bosphorus View has 233 rooms, 6 meeting rooms and 2 restaurants. Both of our restaurants are asserted. Udonya is one of the first Japanese restaurants in Istanbul and enjoys a great appreciation for its unique tastes. Overlooking the Bosphorus, our view Point Restaurant serves a variety of international cuisine, mainly Turkish and Mediterranean cuisine. Our View Point Restaurant is particularly interested in meeting dinners and weddings. We also organize “Tango point” nights at View Point on Thursdays every week for the last 10 years. “Tango Point” is known among the places to tango in Argentina and all over the world, and we are well known worldwide. In addition, we have extensive fitness, Turkish bath, sauna and pool at our Spa center. “