Full utilization forecast for Istanbul in 2019

Turkey, which has made a spectacular return in tourism, especially in Istanbul and Antalya, is pushing the first queues on international charts. For 2019, foreign tour operators around the world are increasing their capacities in Turkey.

Bosphorus bridge
Bosphorus bridge

Turkey’s tourism has returned to its golden age. Istanbul and Antalya stand out from the list of many research and foreign tour operators in the world. In fact, compared to the major tourism destinations around the world, the biggest growth prediction in the coming years is done for Istanbul and Antalya.

The tourism sector, which has captured the ascension momentum with the year 2013, continues with big records in 2014; In 2015 and 2016, he suffered a large wound with various difficulties, mainly regional issues. The sector, which has been working to wrap wounds since 2017, has been mentioning its name all over the world in record-breaking gains this year.

The return of tourism was magnificent

In the ‘ Target Cities Index ‘ report, Istanbul’s strong return is striking. Istanbul, which is a very good time on the list before 2015, has begun to close the fall of the past two years. Istanbul, 3rd in Europe In the world, while increasing 1 row compared to last year, 9. He managed to become a city. Nevertheless, according to expectations, Antalya was the only city in Istanbul that was projected to grow closer to 20 percent this year.

Istanbul is among the cities preferred in gastronomy tourism, while meeting tourists from dozens of different countries with historical and cultural values. Published reports point to the decline in the sense of room income in Istanbul, but with the recovery in 2018, the new year is pointing to high income.

Cruise traffic Is there

Cruise ships that have taken Turkey off course are also returning to the shores of Turkey. The leading companies of cruise tourism are expected to return to their former living days in this sector by 2019 and in 2020, when they turn their routes back to Turkish ports.

According to the General Directorate of Maritime Trade, 86 cruise ships were docked in 10 ports in Turkey during January-June of this year. The number of transit passengers on these vessels has been recorded as 45 thousand 917. It was remarkable that 59 of the cruise ships were anchelling to Kusadasi.