No visa required between Turkey and Moldavia

The number of Moldovan tourists will pass 200 thousand with ID travel
The number of tourists arriving from Moldova is expected to rise above 200 thousand people in the period of travel between Turkey and Moldova starting today. The number of tourists from Moldova to Turkey rose to 194 thousand people last year, 13.25 percent increase.

Between Turkey and Moldova, the period of travel with identity begins today. The positive reflection of the number of tourists between the two countries is expected to increase the number of tourists travelling, especially from Moldova.

194 thousand Moldovan tourists arrived in Turkey last year and the 40 thousand of these tourists came from visiting Istanbul. This year, the number of tourists coming to Turkey from Moldova is expected to pass the 200 thousand by the influence of travel. Turkey, 140 thousand in 2016, 171 thousand Moldovan came in 2017. There are three flights every day between Chisinau and Istanbul, which is an hour flight time. As of today, citizens who will enter Moldova with the identity of the people in every 180 days without a visa can remain without exceeding 90 day.