Turkish Airlines scheduled the big moving

The Istanbul airport transportation of Turkish Airlines will start at 03.00 on Friday night, April 5th. THY’s last flight from Ataturk Airport to Singapore, the first flight from Istanbul airport after the move will be held in Ankara.
The flag carrier airline Turkish Airlines (THY) will start moving to Istanbul airport on 5 April. Turkish Airlines, according to a statement from Thy press consultancy, is ready for the big change in the history of Turkey aviation. THY’s major transportation to Istanbul airport, the world’s largest airport project, will start at 03.00 on Friday night, April 5th.

Unprecedented moving operations in the history of global aviation will last 45 hours in total and be completed on Saturday, April 6th at 23.59. For the successful realization of the “Great Migration “, the Atatürk airport and Istanbul airport will be closed to all scheduled passenger flights between 02.00 and 14.00 hours on the night of April 6th.

Ilker Aycı, Chairman of the Board of Directors and executive committee of Turkish Airlines, said in a statement about the giant operation, the largest transport in aviation history would be realized.

The area covered by the equipment they carry is equivalent to the size of the football pitch of 33 aycı, “The whole world will follow this great post-migration we’ll wake up in a brand new morning. A morning in which the sun illuminated Turkish aviation at Istanbul airport with all flights. I wish our country and company to be good. “.

Ataturk Airport’s farewell flight also became clearer turkey and THY’s global aviation, the last aircraft to carry passengers from Atatürk airport, which hosts the rise of the Ataturk Airport – Singapore will perform the flight. Post-migration operations will start at 14.00 on April 6th at the Istanbul airport. The first flight to be held after the big migration will be held at Istanbul airport-Ankara Esenboga Airport. Flights to be executed from Istanbul airport will be gradually increased with a specific plan.

5 thousand truck cargo will be transported from Ataturk airport to Istanbul airport to transport approximately 47 thousand 300 tons of material will be taken. This load, which is composed of more than 10 thousand pieces, is equivalent to the material in the volume of 5 thousand units, from the aircraft pulling apparatus weighing 44 tons to very sensitive instruments. The distance of the trucks that will carry this burden 45 per hour is calculated as 400 thousand kilometers. The trucks will be able to return the world around 10 times. In this great operation, more than 800 thousand employees will be employed.

Airport codes are changing the first stage after the opening of the flag carrier’s scheduled additional expeditions of Istanbul airport “ISL ” was represented by the code. The change of the IATA codes will take place after the large move and the code of Atatürk airport will be given to Istanbul airport as of 03.00 on 6 April. The Ataturk airport will take the code “ISL ” where cargo and VIP passenger flights are to be realized.