The number of tourists from Holland has passed again a million

Turkish Hospitality Association (TÜROB) President Timur Bayındır, the number of Dutch tourists in 2018 by 27 percent of the previous year reached a million 13 thousand, said, “The number of tourists arriving in Holland again after two years of a million saw over a billion . The number of Dutch tourists expect a 20 percent increase this year. “.

The Dutch market, which is one of the largest tourism markets in Turkey, has declined to decline, noting that the number of Dutch tourists coming to Turkey came to a million 13 thousand in 2018, with a 27 per cent increase compared to the previous year.

The number of tourists arriving from this country after two years of a million saw over the remission, Bayindir, the upward trend will continue, the Dutch tourists expected a 20 percent increase this year, he stressed.

Bayındır, the Dutch market in 2013, a million 312 thousand tourists, reminded that the record broke, gave the following information:

“In the following years, the decline began, and in 2016, 906 thousand fell to 799 thousand in 2017. However, in 2018, the rise began again and exceeded a million dams. The exceeding of a million is of course gratifying, but the target must be reached by 1 million 300 thousand, and this figure should be exceeded. Dutch tourists spend 850 dollars per person in our country. This figure is a lot of foreign tourists spending an average of 647 dollars per person. “

Bayındır, the Netherlands, especially for the southern destinations are perceived as an important market and all the introductions were made mainly for sea-sand-sun preferences, the following assessments found:

“We observed that the Dutch were particularly interested in the eastern and southeastern Anatolia regions. There is an important interest in cycling and multi-route options for these regions. However, there is a lack of informative material and product publicity to meet these demands. Besides the Dutch tourist summer holiday concept, it is a tourist profile that shows considerable interest in active cultural and historical routes. Featured content, such as camping, cycling, and maps with activities, especially UNESCO cultural Heritage List details, are requested. “


The way of high income in tourism passes through Congress

The process of recovery in Congress tourism, which is negatively affected by regional political developments, has begun, Turkey and Istanbul have entered the course of international activities again. Turkey’s Association of Hotelers (TÜROB) President Timur Bayındır, Congress tourism in the country since the beginning of 2000s, the number of events hosted in 2013, said that the record level reached. As the number of tourists increases, so does the need for Istanbul airport transfers.

Turkish tourism sector representatives evaluated the developments in the field of Congress tourism. Turkey’s Association of Hotelers (TÜROB) President Timur Bayındır, Congress tourism in the country since the beginning of 2000s, the number of events hosted in 2013 was reached record level, stating that during the period of business purposes International Meeting held in 221, Turkey’s 18th world. He said he was in line.

The leading countries in Congress tourism are the United States, Germany and Britain, and the main cities are Barcelona, Vienna, Paris, Berlin and London, Bayindir said, “in about 10 years, Turkey, which has reached higher levels in Congress tourism, in foreign circles He lost blood in this area, with the cancellation of many organisations approved by intentional negative security perception. As of 2016 Unfortunately, we have lost our position in the top 10 on the basis of the country in the first 20 and Istanbul in the world ranking, “he said.

Emphasizing that Congress tourism requires long-term planning, and for organizations to be held in the years 2021-2022, Bayındır has already received proposals, said:

“We can say that Turkey has been weakened last year. Although official figures are not yet clear, according to our work as Türob, in 2018, 23 high-participation international organizations were held in Turkey, mainly in Istanbul. We hope that since this year, Turkey and Istanbul will be on the route of international events again. If there is no negativity in the next 2-3 years, it can return to the old levels in the world rankings. “

Full utilization forecast for Istanbul in 2019

Turkey, which has made a spectacular return in tourism, especially in Istanbul and Antalya, is pushing the first queues on international charts. For 2019, foreign tour operators around the world are increasing their capacities in Turkey.

Bosphorus bridge
Bosphorus bridge

Turkey’s tourism has returned to its golden age. Istanbul and Antalya stand out from the list of many research and foreign tour operators in the world. In fact, compared to the major tourism destinations around the world, the biggest growth prediction in the coming years is done for Istanbul and Antalya.

The tourism sector, which has captured the ascension momentum with the year 2013, continues with big records in 2014; In 2015 and 2016, he suffered a large wound with various difficulties, mainly regional issues. The sector, which has been working to wrap wounds since 2017, has been mentioning its name all over the world in record-breaking gains this year.

The return of tourism was magnificent

In the ‘ Target Cities Index ‘ report, Istanbul’s strong return is striking. Istanbul, which is a very good time on the list before 2015, has begun to close the fall of the past two years. Istanbul, 3rd in Europe In the world, while increasing 1 row compared to last year, 9. He managed to become a city. Nevertheless, according to expectations, Antalya was the only city in Istanbul that was projected to grow closer to 20 percent this year.

Istanbul is among the cities preferred in gastronomy tourism, while meeting tourists from dozens of different countries with historical and cultural values. Published reports point to the decline in the sense of room income in Istanbul, but with the recovery in 2018, the new year is pointing to high income.

Cruise traffic Is there

Cruise ships that have taken Turkey off course are also returning to the shores of Turkey. The leading companies of cruise tourism are expected to return to their former living days in this sector by 2019 and in 2020, when they turn their routes back to Turkish ports.

According to the General Directorate of Maritime Trade, 86 cruise ships were docked in 10 ports in Turkey during January-June of this year. The number of transit passengers on these vessels has been recorded as 45 thousand 917. It was remarkable that 59 of the cruise ships were anchelling to Kusadasi.

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Atlasglobal will make a joint flight with Salmon Air

Atlasglobal signed a joint flight agreement with Tacik airline Salmon Air.

Atlasglobal Airlines signed a joint flight (Code sharing) agreement with Tacik airline Salmon Air.

Atlasglobal, according to a statement, Atlasglobal in the scope of the agreement made three times a week Istanbul-Dushanbe-Istanbul flights will be able to sell tickets using its own code. Recently, the points beyond Istanbul and Dushanbe will also be included in the scope of the agreement.

Atlasglobal also has joint flight agreements with Air France, KLM, Air Serbia, and scat airline companies.

Intensive interest in Istanbul

Istanbul Tourism has made a successful start to 2019. In 2017, European tourists, slaughtered like knives, are starting to return. This year, Istanbul will spend a year with tourists coming from many countries, including Middle Eastern countries, Russia, European countries and China, to reach their goals in terms of both doluluklar and tourism income.

The Point Hotel Taksim general manager Nuri Kalyoncu, who recorded their entry by making a beautiful start in 2019, said: “We have made a good start to 2019. Both as a hotel and as a region, we entertained our Spanish and Italian guests who spent Christmas in Istanbul at the Christmas gala dinner. This year, we expect growth especially from the European market. As in the past year, this year, our hotel and our region will be approximately 80% of the year-on-average. In addition to the Middle East market, which we have been intensively in recent years, tourists from other countries, including European countries, Russia and China this year, naturally strengthen the hand of us. As the number of tourists grows in parallel to the diversification of the market, our income per room will come up. In 2019, we predict a 12% increase in room rates compared to last year, “he said.

New markets are receiving demand from China, Malaysia, Ukraine, “the exact time to visit Istanbul,” Nuri Kalyoncu, said: “On one hand, the price of falling in recent years, the Euro and the dollar, on the other hand, the opposite of the TL The advantage is that it has made Istanbul and our country a very economical destination. In this case, the wealth of history and culture, gastronomy, shopping opportunities, as well as a lot of tourists to re-route to Istanbul and the country allows. This year we will see tourists from European countries such as Greece, Germany, England, Italy, Spain in our city and region. In recent years, as new markets, we are requesting from Far Eastern countries such as China and Malaysia. In addition to the promotional and marketing efforts made, the increasing number of flight numbers has a great role in this demand. “Türob Ukrainian Workshopu” organized by the Turkish Hospitality Association (TÜROB), taking positive returns from this market, we started to host our guests. We predict that the year 2020 will be much better than this year. The number of tourists coming to our city and our country continues to increase. Also, if we catch a serious momentum in Congress tourism and cruise tourism, we can achieve success on our goals in tourism in Istanbul, “he said.

35% of our hotel reservations are coming online and working on digital channels, expressing the intense work Nuri Kalyoncu, said: “35% of our hotel bookings from online, online bookings every It means he’s going to have an increase last year. We continue to do the necessary work on this subject. For example, in the past years, the Saudi Arabian market, which has been heavily traveled by travel agency, has started making online bookings for the past few years. When people travel, instead of moving in groups, they want to be more free. They can also choose to create their own travel plans, as they reach the information they want to achieve on a destination from their mobile phone. ”

The two restaurants in our hotel, which we are claiming to provide information about the Point hotels Taksim Nuri Kalyoncu, said: “We have been working together for many years with our team to keep our guests Turkish hospitality, the heart of Istanbul Taksim It is located in the Talimhane area. Our 5-star hotel with Bosphorus View has 233 rooms, 6 meeting rooms and 2 restaurants. Both of our restaurants are asserted. Udonya is one of the first Japanese restaurants in Istanbul and enjoys a great appreciation for its unique tastes. Overlooking the Bosphorus, our view Point Restaurant serves a variety of international cuisine, mainly Turkish and Mediterranean cuisine. Our View Point Restaurant is particularly interested in meeting dinners and weddings. We also organize “Tango point” nights at View Point on Thursdays every week for the last 10 years. “Tango Point” is known among the places to tango in Argentina and all over the world, and we are well known worldwide. In addition, we have extensive fitness, Turkish bath, sauna and pool at our Spa center. “

The number of passengers at Istanbul New airport lasted for a quarter of a million

232 thousand 818 passengers have moved from new Istanbul airport, which has been held in 10 external, 9 domestic flights, to 19 cities.

The official inauguration took place on 29 October 2018 and 232 thousand 818 people flew from Istanbul airport, where the first scheduled time on October 31st was held.

Turkish Airlines general manager Bilal Ekşi, who shares his Twitter account with the issue, gave the following information:

“We endued a quarter of a million at Istanbul airport. We have made a thousand 843 flights to 19 cities, including 10 outer, 9 domestic lines. We have introduced our 232 thousand 818 passengers to this great project. In a short time we will expand our flight network from Istanbul airport with new lines. “

Flights from Istanbul airport to 10 new cities are starting

Turkish Airlines has increased its number of points from Istanbul airport transfer to 18.

Turkish Airlines, currently performing 8-point flights from Istanbul airport to Ankara, Gaziantep, Adana, Izmir, Trabzon, Antalya, Ercan and Baku, has been to Diyarbakir and Hatay in Turkey and abroad, Paris, Frankfurt, Munich, Tbilisi, Ashgabat The expedition is launching.

Turkish Airlines will increase the number of points that it flies from Istanbul airport to 18 by adding Moscow and Kuwait abroad and Kayseri to the flight network.

Flights to Europe
Istanbul Airport-Paris flights will be held on a mutual basis of 7 frequencies per week. Ticket prices from Istanbul are starting at 129 USD, including all taxes.

The ticket prices for Istanbul airport-Frankfurt flights, which will be made 7 mutual times a week, are starting from 129 USD, including all taxes.

Istanbul Airport-Munich flights will be held at 5 frequencies per week (Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday). All taxes from Istanbul to Munich can be traveled at special rates starting from 129 USD.

The ticket prices for the opening of Istanbul airport-Tbilisi flights, which will be made 7 mutual flights per week, are starting from 109 USD, including all taxes.

Turkish Airlines will perform 4 times a week (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday) from Istanbul airport to Ashgabat, the capital of Turkmenistan. You can travel from Istanbul to Ashgabat at special prices, including all taxes, from USD 209 to open-trip.

3 new lines in the country
Turkish Airlines will take a mutual expedition from Istanbul airport to Diyarbakır as of today, 3 days a week (Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday).

Istanbul Airport-Hatay flights will be held for 3 days a week (Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday).

Turkish Airlines will perform 4 times a week from Istanbul airport to Kayseri.

Ticket prices in the country are starting from 59 lira for one way, including all taxes.

Moreover, the Istanbul airport-Ankara flights, which are performed once a day, are rising to 2 days as of today.

Flights from Moscow and Kuwait begin
Turkish Airlines will launch a flight from Istanbul airport to Moscow and Kuwait tomorrow.

Moscow’s ticket prices, which will be made 5 times a week, are starting from 129, including all taxes from Istanbul.

Istanbul Airport-Kuwait flights will be held at 4 frequencies per week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday). You can travel to Kuwait at special rates starting from 344, including all taxes.

Shopping streets of Istanbul are recovering

Real Estate consultancy company Cushman and Wakefield, on the European side of Istiklal Street and Rumeli, Teşvikiye, governor’s mansion and Abdi Ipekçi, including the Nişantaşı region and the Anatolian side of Baghdad Street, Istanbul’s 3 main street viewing ” The fifth of the Istanbul shopping streets “Report has been released.

According to this, in 2017, the total of the streets was 65, and the urban renewal work decreased to 60 in 2018. 58 of the 122 stores, which were empty in 2017 in the total of the streets, were leased as of last year. 35 per cent of the rental in 2018 took place in the apparel and footwear industry.

The number of international brands operating in the 132 store in 2017 on three main streets increased by 24 percent last year to 164. The rental process, which was 109 in the 2017 in the streets in question, rose to 139 in 2018.

The number of vacant stores in Istiklal is at dip level of 4 years
Half of the 35 vacant stores in Nişantaşı region, the most important luxury retail center in Istanbul, were leased last year.

The commercial and Cultural center of Istiklal Street also gives healing signals with the re-opening of the nostalgic tram that has been taken into care and reduced security problems. In Istiklal, the most crowded street, although the number of rental transactions looks similar to the previous year, the number of empty stores has been recorded this low for the first time since 2015.

Total of 35 rentals in 2018 the number of vacant stores on the street was 18. According to the report, as of 2018, especially in the street, which increased the number of clothing and footwear stores, the food and beverage sector continued to grow.

Baghdad Street, which is the main retail center of the Anatolian side, was leased in half of the 59 stores that were vacant in the last year. 45 of the total 54 rental process was recorded as a new entry, 6 of displacement and 3 as the existing brands ‘ growth or renewal project. On the other hand, the number of international brands on Bagdat Street last year came from 45 to 60.

The second runway at Sabiha Gokcen Airport will be opened at the end of the year

Sabiha Gokcen Airport, which is built parallel to the existing runway 3 thousand 500 meters length of the second runway was the end of the construction.

The first stage of the second track is finished with Bony Creek Tunnel, TEM Connection Road tunnel and South Guild tunnel construction. The construction of the second course and taxi routes are underway.

98 percent of the first stage of the second runway work of Sabiha Gokcen airport was completed and the second stage came to the level of 67 percent. The second runway will be launched at the end of the year 2019.

Flight capacity will be doubled
The second runway at Sabiha Gokcen Airport will enter the service at the end of the year and will go into the current track maintenance. Following the completion of the maintenance of the current track, two runway will be opened simultaneously and the hourly landing and takeoff capacity of Sabiha Gokcen airport is going to reach 80 from 40.

The new terminal building to be opened at the end of 2020 and the simultaneous service of the two runway is aimed at 65 million of the current passenger capacity.

In addition to the current aircraft parking position of the airport, 94 additional aircraft parking positions will be opened.

The new administrative building, guardhouse building, apron service building, fire building, air traffic control building will be commissioned with the second runway which lasted since 2015. There will also be 3 parallel taxi paths, a link taxi route, 10 high speed istanbul taxi route, 1 medium apron, 1 cargo apron and 1 engine test apron next to the second runway.